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Electric Part Introduction

Source: | Updated: Jan 23, 2017

Electric Part Introduction

The whole set of this equipment includes: super power EAF DC power supply, electrode lifting auto adjusting system.

Super power EAF DC supply SR (10KW-2500KW)

Main Characteristic

SR power supply is effective, reliable, maintain friendly, the box is compact, anti rust and heat dissipation is well strengthen, can save 20% electricity compare with the traditional silicon controlled style.

This series supply has over voltage protection, over heating, and large current protection, operational friendly.

This product is a ideal DC EAF power supply, can be widely used in factory, school, institute, and labs .

Specification Range

Output voltage 10~70V  out put current 0~50000A output power 0~ 2500KW

1. Constant voltage and current,

2. Over voltage protection

3. Short circuit protection

4. Over load protection

Manner of Working: manual and auto

Input:  AC380V±10%          50Hz±10%     

Output: out put voltage 0- rated value, output current 0- rated value.

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