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How Much You Know about Mill Roll?

Source: | Updated: Jun 17, 2016

Mill Roll is a major part of the rolling mill, in the production of steel rolling, roller direct contact with the rolled piece and produced metal plastic deformation. It is the main deformation tools of rolling mill. Mill Roll is also the center of the whole frame, the other components and institutions of the frame are for the installation, support and adjusting the roller. 

Mill roll working features:

Studio to sustain large rolling force and torque, accompanied by strong dynamic load.

Working under the condition of high temperature and the temperature changes a lot, accompanied by hard iron oxide when hot rolled, the roller surface easy to wear; Cold rolling, especially when rolling sheet, roller always in a state of elastic flattening, the contact stress is huge, makes roller very easy to damage.

Due to the roll by continual friction in rolling process, it directly affects the quality of rolled piece, but also affect the service life of roller.

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