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The 90m High-speed Wire Rod Rolling Line Project in Ethiopia has Just been Put into Production

Source: | Updated: Dec 16, 2016

December,13th,2016, the 90m high-speed wire rod rolling line project in Ethiopia contracted and constructed by WEIKEDUO has been put into production at 10am local time. Which means the whole rolling project and all the steel rolling mills it contains customized for ZHENZHEN STELL with the annual capacity of 300,000 tons has been officially accomplished and transferred.

This whole project of wire rod rolling production line with the wire rod millannual capacity of 300,000 tons only takes WEIKEDUO less than a year to construct, which seems really miraculous for it could cost 3-years of construction for a complex project like this. As an experienced professional manufacturer for metallurgical machinery like monoblock mills, hot rolling mills, flying shears and other associated equipment, WEIKEDUO has dedicated itself to develop and provide advanced and durable machinery equipment for all our clients around the world.

This brand new rolling line in Ethiopia will provide more job opportunities for local people and government while it would also boost the local economy vigorously. The present Director of Investment from the Ethiopian government, Fitsum, has once again declared the fact that the Ethiopian government will wire rod millsencourage and support all Chinese companies with competitive advantages and good faith to invest and develop in Ethiopia as always. And they will provide a solid foundation for all these companies to grow.

The deputy director of the Eastern Industry Zone, Jiao Yongshun, has also congratulated the success of the project and indicated that this rolling project could be another achievement to our current One Belt and One Road Initiative.

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