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The Device of Furnace

Source: | Updated: Jan 20, 2017


Shell, spout, cover(optional), furnace wall, bottom electrode device, tilting system.

Furnace shell is water cooling style, the furnace side has a spout, furnace inside wall has refractory, water cooling electrode style, temperature testing, and spout was made by refractory.

Electrode Lifting Device

Electrode lifting device includes conductive arm, lifting pole column, guiding column, electrode clamp, lifting reduction box device.

Electrode clamp of conductive arm use no-magnetic conductive stainless steel, high mechanic, high wear resistance, deep hole, water cooling inside and cooling directly, and enhance the cooling effect, prolong the operational life spam.

Large Current

Large current include DC power supply compensator, copper bar, furnace body electrode connector, eliminator supply cable connector, big section cable, conductive arm, electrode clamp, graphite electrode.

Water Cooling

Water cooling system is composed of current switch, water distributor, return line, water cooling pressure less than 2XlO5Pa, water cooling temperature below 32℃, this device has flow warning, it alarms when the flow is below the related value.

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