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The Features of Billet Continuous Casting Machine

Source: | Updated: Mar 17, 2017

The Features of Billet Continuous Casting Machine

Billet continuous casting machine belongs to one of steel rolling mill machines.

Usually, the billet continuous casting machine is designed and manufactured according to user’s demand. And it is used for continuously casting the square billet, the cross section of which is 80×80, 100×100 or 120×120, 150×150 mm with the length of 6m/12m operated by an automatic control system. It contains single stand, double strands and multiple strands CCM as well as straightening machine, automatic cutting machine, billet cooling bank, billet spreader, molten steel spreader and other auxiliary devices and facilities such as soft water treatment and water cooling system. CCM is Continuous casting machine.

The Features of Billet continuous casting machine as following:

The casting speed with high efficiency.

It has many different types with Multi-functional.

CCM equipment always used in the steel rolling mill production line, Continuous casting machine with high reliability and high ease of operation.

Billet continuous casting machine with a fast return on investment and low cost.

Continuous casting machine for steel with high technology.

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