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Continuous casting

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  • Vertical Continuous Casting Machine

    Contact NowVertical Continuous Casting MachineAs a professional China vertical continuous casting machine manufacturer and equipped with a famous factory and plant, as well as providing with vertical continuous casting machine for sale, welcome to check the process and layout with Hani New Energy and Technology. CCM machine/ Vertical...Read More

  • Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine

    Contact NowHorizontal Continuous Casting MachineAt present casting machine used in industrial , according to the structure arrangement, it could be divided into following types: 1). Horizontal continuous casting machine. 2). Vertical (Vertical-bending)continuous casting machine. 3). Bending(Arc)continuous casting machine. 4). Centrifugal continuous casting machine.Read More

  • Continuous Mill

    Contact NowContinuous MillContinuous mill Application and characteristics Compared with a single stand, the continuous rolling mill has higher production efficiency and higher product quality, which is suitable for the production of high output and the single product. The continuous rolling mill is divided into two...Read More

  • Billet Continuous Casting Machine

    Contact NowBillet Continuous Casting MachineBillet continuous casting machine CCM is Continous casting machine. The casting speed with high efficiency . We can manufacture different type with Multi functional . CCM equipment always used in the steel rolling mill production line, Continuous casting machine with high reliability and high...Read More

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