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Steel Strip Rolling Mill Units

  • 8-Hi Strip Rolling Mill
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    8-Hi Strip Rolling Mill

    8-Hi Strip Rolling Mill Application and Characteristics 1. Off-set 8-Hi Strip Mill is driving by support roller, deviation from the work roll bearing roll center installation. So that the reduction of the diameter of the work rolls is not limited by the torque, and is not...Read More
  • 6-hi HC Rolling Mill
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    6-hi HC Rolling Mill

    6-hi HC R olling M ill Application and Characteristics 1. Apply to carbon steel, special steel, and another strip rolling. Particularly suitable for rolling high-precision flat, thin strip. 2.With hydraulic bending roll device and an intermediate roll shifting device, can...Read More
  • 4-Hi Rolling Mill
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    4-Hi Rolling Mill

    1. Suitable for common carbon steel, stainless steel, rolled steel, special aluminum or copper tape strip etc.. 2. Work roll and supporting roll drive type,Can quickly adjust the strip crown, Change the contact pressure distribution between the rolls, to control the plate...Read More
  • 2-Hi Rolling Mill
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    2-Hi Rolling Mill

    2-Hi Rolling Mill Application This machine is used to roll raw material thickness ≤ 4 mm, width ≥ 200 mm, made of plain carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal strip, used for roughing or roughing mill. Equipment composition and structural...Read More
  • Composite Plate Rolling Mill
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    Composite Plate Rolling Mill

    Composite Plate Rolling Mill Application and Characteristics 1、Applicable to two or three layers of composite rolling. Such as copper - steel, copper -stainless steel, aluminum - steel, aluminum - steel – aluminum material etc. 2、Working roller drive. 3、Can be configured work...Read More
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